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Pricacy & cookie policy

The personal and sensitive data are processed in accordance with the Privacy Act pursuant to article 13 of the Italian D.Lgs.196 / 2003.

Collection of Personal Information

Our company collects information about its customers with two main tools:
- The contact/booking form that customers fill in a spontaneous and explicit. These data are needed to book reservations.
- The return data from email and direct communications that periodically sent out to registered customers.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information we collect is used only to perform your inquiry or booking. In addition, the communications we make to individual customers may contain suggestions defined by our employees who deal with package offers.

Sharing with third parties of personal data

Our company does not share with third parties the personal data of customers, under any circumstances. Put more clearly, no one outside of our company, can know the data, behavior, preferences and other personal information.

Protection of personal information

Protecting our customers is very important for us. The most sensitive information is stored in dedicated systems, which are specifically protected and isolated from the outside, accessible only to authorized employees.

Access to personal information from customers

It is possible to request the complete deletion of the account, but this prevents then place orders without a new recording. Data collected by email, however, are not directly accessible to customers. Can not be deleted on demand for technical and safety: The company must be able to provide to the competent authorities on request the traces left by users.

Owner of personal information processing

The "owner" of the processing of any personal informations detected as a result of browsing the site is Agriturismo Santa Croce located in San Gimignano, Siena, Italy . e-mail:

Cookies policy

In this site are not used cookies for transmission of personal information, nor are cookies persistent of some type or systems for tracking users. Agriturismo Santa Croce is not liable for third parties cookies obtained through external links present in this site (eg. Google map) for which reference should be made to respective pages on the legislation. Finally, this site does not use session cookies for navigation users and its operation is not in any way compromise by disabling cookies on their browser.


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